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Cryptographic Protocols (SS 2018)

Lecturers: Prof. Ueli Maurer and Dr. Martin Hirt

Teaching Assistant: Chen-Da Liu Zhang

Lecture: Mondays, 13-15, CHN E 42

Exercise Class: Mondays, 15-17, CHN E 42

Course Material

Note: Exercise sheets and slides will be printed for you.


Slides 01


Notes 01


Exercise 01


Solution 01


During the course we will cover papers partially. These are part of the material relevant for the exam.
  • U. Maurer: Unifying Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge: [pdf]
  • G. Brassard, D. Chaum, C. Crepeau: Minimum Disclosure Proofs of Knowledge: [pdf]

Additional Reading Material

  • M. Hirt, U. Maurer: Kryptographische Protokolle.
    Old script from 2009 (German).
    Download: [pdf].